“All My Friends Tell Me So…”

“Father forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing…” – Luke 23:35 One of my most favorite activities is a Monday morning contemplative prayer group that meets at our church.  It is a time of deep reflection and conversation…

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“But I’m Not The One Who Is Broken!”

” The Eternal spoke with me again. Eternal One: Go and love a woman who is loved by someone else and is adulterous. Care for her and protect her, just as I love the people of Israel even though they’re…

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We all like to be givers, especially in the church.  We like to think of our neighbors, to pray for them, to help out in times of need, and to deliver a freshly baked casserole at the first sign of…

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“Am I Doing Just Fine?”

Our reading comes today from Matthew, chapter 15: I had a hard time with this passage today.  I couldn’t quite see the message, or the whole story.  It looked fragmented to me.  However, I have meditated on it and…

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