About Me…

Welcome to My Savior Speaks!  I am Lana Johnson, saved by the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  I am a wife, mom and United Methodist Pastor.  I began this blog many years ago as a way of engaging my congregation in prayer and reflection.

Unfortunately, a couple of years ago I had to give up my blogging efforts as my seminary experience, my job, and my family took every last minute I had. I am sure you all can understand that dilemma.

I have recently finished seminary (Yay!), and become provisionally ordained in the North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church.  My children are self-sufficient (for the most part), and I find my spirit being renewed and energized again.  And today, I felt like re-connecting.

I look forward to where God is taking me, and I welcome you to join the journey by sharing your reflections along the way.

In Christ,


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