“As Sacred As You Make It…”

“I am praying not only for these disciples but also for all who will ever believe in me through their message.”

 John 17:20

Maundy Thursday. The last day of Jesus’ earthly life. How did He spend it? Do what all faithful Jews do, celebrating the Passover. Of course, we know it to be so much more than a normal Passover meal. Jesus took a day that was already greatly meaningful for His friends and turned it into something deeply sacred.

He created something sacred by what He did, what He taught, and how He loved on that final night. And it was not only for the twelve insiders. Jesus created this sacred moment for all of us who would believe in their footsteps.

The next two days were meant to be holy and set apart for us, friends. They are meant to be a time of reflection, prayer and repentance. I pray that you allow the Spirit of God to take you to such a place today. I encourage you, do not let the ordinary take the place of the sacred in the days to come. As much as you can, tune out the world and draw near to the Savior.   It is only in this way that we can truly be made new. On this day, when He could have chosen to do anything, He chose to pray for us. I hope, on this day when you can choose to do anything, you choose to honor Him.

I am attaching the following link to the chapters that recall that Last Supper. There is so much richness and grace to be had in these holy words. I hope that you can spend some time in quiet reflection today on what He did, what He taught, and how He loved.

Grace to you.

The Gospel of John, chapters 13-18



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