“How Is Your Hallelujah?”

So where are we from our experience yesterday? You know, those sorts of experiences of God are not ones that can be done in 10 minutes and then move on to something else.

To dive into our spiritual reality sometimes takes us places that we don’t want to go. For others, it may come as a comfort, long forgotten in the midst of daily challenges. However, no matter where it takes us, it is a place in which we should stay for a while and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to us.

What does He have to say to you? Will He speak words of grace and healing into a current struggle? Will He whisper, “well done, good and faithful servant” over a lifetime of faithfulness? Will He take you to a place of rejoicing?

Brothers and sisters, I urge you to find your place of worship today and open your hearts to the indwelling of the Spirit. He is waiting there to commune with you in a most personal way. It doesn’t matter if your Hallelujah is full of joy and adoration, or if it broken and painful. He is faithful to show up in all circumstances.

I have heard this song twice in the last 12 hours. That is a sacred echo. I believe I was meant share it with you today. I tried to pick a couple of versions that would speak to any of us, and believe me, there are about a hundred out there. So I hope this takes you to a place of worship today in which you come face-to-face with the risen Lord.

Hallelujah – The Canadian Tenors – WOW!!


Hallelujah – Kurt Nilson – Amazing – But a bit more earthy


Hallelujah – Bon Jovi – For all you 80’s children


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