“Holy Week… Wednesday”

“Action expresses priorities…”  Ghandi

Although the Bible states that Jesus taught in the Temple each day of Holy Week, scripture is silent regarding Jesus’ specific activities on this day.  There is nothing recorded about His whereabouts or activities.

As I ponder this, it occurs to me that this was His last free day.  He knew His arrest was coming tomorrow.  He has the passover to attend to.  So what did Jesus choose to do with these last few precious hours? We don’t know.

As I have prayed this morning, I have been led to consider what I would do with this day if assured it was my last.  And I am led to conclude that Jesus, the man, probably had some things to set straight as we all would.

Did He go to work (healing and such?) Or did He choose to relax?  Did He gather as much of a crowd around Him as possible?  Or did He have a simple lunch with His mom?  Did He attend the celebration activities in full swing around town, or did He choose dinner with good friends like Lazarus, Martha and Mary?

At first it seems strange that there would be no message for us on this day.  But on further review, it seems just perfect.  Maybe, like Jesus, this should be a day for us all to spend some time in prayer and attend to our most important priorities.  Maybe this is a day to ask for His help in sorting those out.  And maybe this is a day to let the demands and expectations of the world go and focus on those people and things that are life giving for us.

I don’t know what Jesus did on this day, but I know my day in the here and now is richer for it.

Thank You my King, for reminding me of those people most important in my life and how I should treasure each day with them.  Lead me to actions that are deep and meaningful.  And help me to treat each day with the value it holds.


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