“The Most Important Question…”

Have you ever considered that the most important parts of your life are governed by questions?

It’s true.  Think about these.

“Will you marry me?”

“Will you accept the job?”

“Can we afford it?”

“Do I want children?”

“How will we take care of Mom and Dad?”

“Can I get through this?”

The deepest and most meaningful parts of our lives are driven very much by our responses to questions like these.  Our answers make all the difference don’t they friends?

In this season of reflection, I am pondering over my priorities and calling in this life and I have come to a conclusion.  The most important question that I, or any of you, will ever answer is this:

“Do I Know Him?”

The answer that will determine my happiness, my health, my blessedness, my hope, my eternal life is not found in my:

  • Job
  • Spouse
  • Bank Account
  • My House

or anything else that I hold dear.

The only answer that brings me into an eternal life of love, joy, peace, contentment, and satisfaction is the answer to that question:

“Do I Know Him?”

Of course we are talking about Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.  But let’s be clear.  We aren’t asking these questions:

“Do I know about Him?”

“Have I heard of Him?”

“Have I sung a song about Him?”

“Have I read a story about Him?”

“Have I served Him in mission and ministry?”

My fear is that many people substitute these questions for the real one, and in doing so, miss the point.  Maybe you do all these things faithfully, but it does not mean that you have a relationship with Him.

And that is the most important thing friends, don’t miss it!  We are not talking about a “head” knowledge.  It is easy to know about Jesus.

We are talking about a “heart” knowledge.  We are talking about an intimate friendship that is part of your everyday life.  Your relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important part of your life because this is the relationship that can bring you into all His plans for you.  Everything else will be a disappointing substitute.

So here it is again.

“Do You Know Him?”

How can you tell?  That is a valid question.  How can we have that 100% assurance the we are in communion with Him, that we know Him and He knows us?  I think there are countless ways, and I would be overjoyed to help anyone take that journey of discovery.  All you have to do is ask and it would be my privilege.

But for me, that assurance has always been in the answer to another question, “Can I Hear His Voice?”

I am not speaking about a literal voice (but it is great if that works for you.)  I am speaking about my ability to be aware of His presence (through the Holy Spirit,) and to discern His work in my life.  He does this in many ways for me; through prayer, reading the Bible, singing a song, talking with others, circumstances and how they develop for me, many, many ways.

The way that I know Jesus is that I can see His work in my life and I can “hear” His voice leading me in one direction or another.

Maybe nothing like that has ever happened for you.  I understand that.  Being unchurched for most of my life gives me a lot of clear memories of the time before I was aware of His presence.  I never really knew He existed, much less that He was trying to talk to me.

But it is pretty simple.  Nothing overjoys Jesus like one of His sheep asking to talk with Him.  So let’s pray this prayer together and continue to do so throughout the Lenten season.

Lord Jesus,

I don’t know much about having a relationship with You.  But I want to.  Please speak to me in a way that I can understand.  Speak loudly so that I know it is You, and teach me how to recognize Your voice.  I want to follow You, and I trust that You will lead me.

In the Good Shepherd’s name I pray,



“My sheep respond as they hear My voice; I know them intimately, and they follow Me.  I give them a life that is unceasing, and death will not have the last word. Nothing or no one can steal them from My hand.”

– John 10:27-28 

I have always looked for a reason to share this video.  I just love it!

Happy Weekend brothers and sisters.

One Comment on ““The Most Important Question…”

  1. Thanks Be to God for letting me be one of His followers I am so glade that He never gave up on me thank you Sister for your thoughts I look foreword to your post every Day. I love you My Sister in Christ

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