“7 Years In…”

An excerpt from my prayer journal, November 12, 2007:

“The excitement welling up in my heart is too much to be contained.  Thank you, gracious King, for bringing me to this place.  Lead me down the path you have for me.  Help me to do everything according to Your perfect plan.  Help me to exalt and glorify You in this process, and give me a servant’s heart.  I am so very thankful for this opportunity, to serve this brand new church…”

I wrote this right before the opening of our new church building 7 years ago.  I wasn’t the only one excited.  Everyone involved with that project was elated in the weeks surrounding the opening.  Many had worked for years to see this time come to fruition, and everyone of us was excited to see what God would do in this new place.  That opening day was electric, the presence of the Holy Spirit was palpable.  It was one of the most memorable days that I have ever had.

And here we are 7 years later.  We have grown a lot.  Many things have changed, and yet many things have remained the same.  That small family feel is still here.  The entrepreneurial spirit is still here.  The commitment to excellence for the glory of God – all still thriving.

There is a theory that says around year 7 is when most people become disillusioned with a project.  Whether it be a job, a relationship, or any other long-term commitment – psychology would suggest that year 7 is where we lose our enthusiasm and the shine wears off the object of our involvement.

I am so thankful today to say this is not the case with Liberty Crossings.  I am MORE excited today than I was 7 years ago.  Back then, we didn’t know what God was going to do, but we trusted it would be good.  Today,  God is sharing a wonderful vision of what this church will become in His kingdom: a place of real worship, a place of acceptance for all God’s children, a place of healing and hope, and a place where each individual can commune with the Lord in his own unique way.  I am privileged to see His plans materialized in front of us, and it continues to fill my heart with excitement.

I see the spiritual growth of our congregants.  I see ministries emerging from servants throughout our church family.  I see God bringing new faces with dreams and gifts for His glory.  I see us, more and more, reaching out to a lost and hurting world.  My heart cannot contain it.

God is doing a wonderful thing here.  I am so grateful to be able to witness it.  I cannot think of anywhere I would rather be living, working and worshiping than in this place with these precious people.

To God be the glory and Merry Christmas!

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