“Never let loyalty and kindness leave you!
Tie them around your neck as a reminder.
Write them deep within your heart.
Then you will find favor with both God and people,
and you will earn a good reputation.”

Proverbs 3:3-4

I am working my way daily through an Advent devotional by United Methodist Pastor, Pamela Hawkins.  “Behold!” is such a deep, and thought-provoking study, I am greatly enjoying it.  It is making me stop and listen, for just a few minutes in each of these busy days, and I am truly experiencing the presence of Christ in those moments.

A couple of days ago, I was asked to consider the spiritual gifts God has graced me with, and how I could bless someone with them.  My first thoughts went to my affirmed gifts, teaching, administration, and discernment.  But instead of rushing through the process, I really took some time and prayed over the question.  “What can I do to truly bless someone today?”

The answer I received surprised me.  I kept hearing the word, “LOYALTY.”  Now for those purists among you, I know that loyalty is not a recognized gift of the Spirit.  But that is what I kept hearing so I stayed with it and asked God what that was all about.

He revealed to me that He had created within me an incredibly loyal heart.  Now that is true, because I have always been wired to be fiercely loyal to those I love.  He also showed me that I had a person very close to me that needed someone in their corner right then.  This person needed a friend and someone they could count on.  So, on faith, I went to that friend and shared my concern and support for them.  And GUESS WHAT??

They were receptive and thankful.  And I was so blessed by that experience, because I do love that person and want the best for them.  But I don’t tell them near enough, so it was a wonderful exchange.  It has made my week.  And it has also kept me aware of all kinds of other people in my life that might need a pick-me-up too.  So I have spent the last few days praying and reaching out to those people that the Lord brings to mind.

I am having such a spiritually rich Advent season.  And it is all because I am taking a few minutes each day to focus on what God has for me in this time.  Friends, I urge you to do the same.  Not so much for the sake of others, but for yourself.  Find a few minutes each day to connect with Jesus, and follow the path that He has for you.  Don’t allow the trappings of the world steal the joy that Christ has for you today.  Walk the paths of peace and revelation the Savior has to offer.

Be at peace, brothers and sisters.


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