“What Makes You Cry?”

“If you are given much, much will be required of you.” – Luke 12:48

Good morning friends.  I apologize if the content of this post makes you uncomfortable, however, it is weighing heavily on my heart today.


So I woke up yesterday morning really happy, with my blog post already in my head.  I merrily went about my morning, but when I opened my computer to begin writing, I saw something that crushed my soul.  I was out of sorts for most of yesterday trying to process it, which is why I didn’t write anything.  I just needed to spend some time in prayer.

An email had popped up from Soma, a ladies intimate apparel store.  And for some reason, I looked at it.  Instead of sale information or such, I was drawn to a campaign the corporation was running to collect undergarments for women in need across the country.  

I felt compelled to read the stories about some who have received these donations and I was so physically sickened by some of their stories I just had to sit down outside and get some air.  There were stories of women from all over who were victims of domestic abuse, those living in shelters, who had had their identities completely stripped away by the men in their lives.  

My heart began to cry as I read through story after story of women who were so thankful for these little gifts after years of battery and abuse.  I have never had such a strong reaction to another’s situation before.  Not to say that I am not compassionate, but things just normally don’t affect me that deeply.  And those feelings are still there today.  I can’t get these women off my mind.  And what’s more, there were even comments on the site from agencies right here in our hometown that are being helped by Soma.  Imagine hitting this close to home.  In fact, the collection point for our community is in a store 10 minutes from my house.  

The realities of the world began closing in on my little bubble.  Many laughingly refer to our neighborhood as a bubble, because we are so far removed from much of the world’s suffering here.  Myself for example, I have a husband that makes a huge effort everyday to make me feel good about myself.  He makes it a point to tell me I am beautiful and how much he loves me.  I can’t imagine living with someone everyday whose primary goal it was to hurt me and strip away my self-worth by whatever sadistic means they can dream up.  But sadly, that is the case for many that surround me.

I finally understand what I have been teaching all these years about callings and spiritual gifts.  When discerning where God is calling you to make a difference in the world, the author of our curriculum writes, ask yourself one question, “What Makes You Cry?”  

He asserts that when we find that one injustice, that one oppressed people, that one area of suffering that tears our hearts out and stays with us – then we have found our place of calling.  He also tells us that wherever we are led to tears, that God is already crying over the situation.  I never quite understood that statement until yesterday.

So what am I to do Lord?  You have placed this particular pain and burden on my heart.  You have given me resources of time, and opportunity to be of help to these women who have little or no hope.  But I don’t know where to start.  So please lead me to that place where I can do the most good for You.  Create a path in front of me that takes me to the people and places that I am to be a minister and witness.  Above all else, my King, keep my heart soft so that I might continually led by Your tears.

In the name of my Savior I pray,


If you would like to make a donation to this worthy cause, please visit:  www.soma.com


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