Our reading comes from Matthew, chapter 19


This chapter contains one of the most well-known passages of Jesus’ teachings.  However, that isn’t what grabbed my attention this morning.  Instead, there is an underlying thread throughout the chapter about family.  Marriage, children, fathers, mothers.

It occurs to me that we, as a general rule, we don’t consult God on these relationships.  For example, how many of us asked God to show us the person He has chosen for us to marry?  How many of us consult God on the number of children we should have, or if we should have any at all?

In matters of family, we are so driven by emotion that God is rarely a part of the plan, unless there is a problem.  Then we pray for God to fix it.  No, we allow our desires to make these decisions for us.  And many times, our emotions end up destroying our relationships as well.

Today I am renewed in my conviction that I should be praying over my relationships a great deal more than I currently do.  God is profoundly interested in my family and our strength for the long haul.  I believe it is time to invite Him into our circle in a more intimate way, that we may rely on His strength to sustain us.  Life can get rough sometimes, without God, how are we going to make it through to the other side of those trials intact?

Heavenly Father,

How I praise You, for the gifts You have given me in providing me with a family.  My marriage is a holy covenant, help me to treat it that way.  My children are a legacy from You, help me to lead them well, and love them even better.  Protect my heart, and Dons, from the assaults of the enemy that seeks to destroy this union You have created.  Help us to maintain a relationship based on trust, honesty, respect, and forgiveness.  Create in us a desire for purity and integrity as we deal with the outer world, so that our relationship will never be jeopardized.  And help us to model, for our children, a deeply healthy and satisfying union.

In the name of the Shepherd I pray,


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