I just had to share this experience with all of you. For those of you in my local community, you may have heard about a prayer experience that my church hosts each year during Holy Week. Multiple different prayer venues called, Quiet Spaces, are created in an attempt to help us find our own unique way of connecting with God.

I was in one of these spaces, dedicated to Orthodox Worship and religious icons, and had the most amazing experience of Christ. I had walked into the room just to light some candles, and an image of Jesus just captivated me. There are probably a hundred pictures of Jesus in the room, however, this one held me spellbound for the longest time.

I looked into His eyes, and felt His sorrow, physically. I studied His expression and saw so much pain. It was gut-wrenching and I can’t even describe it, but it was a truly powerful experience. I felt as if He were right there in the room with me saying, “all this for you.” There are no words.

I figure many of you would expect me to promote this event here. I am part of the team that sponsors it. But that is not why I am writing about it. I am writing about it because my heart was deeply touched by my Savior. And my desire is for each of you to have the same sort of experience. It is life-changing to get up close and personal with the sacrificial Lamb of God.

So I encourage you to visit Quiet Spaces at some point during this Holy Week, if it is possible for you. If you truly want to learn to pray and connect with Christ, this is an extraordinary way to do that. If you are not able to visit this location, visit your own church. Spend some quiet time in your sanctuary. Or take a walk outside in God’s cathedral. Any way you do it, seeking God is always a sacred encounter.

Peace my friends.

One Comment on ““Connection…”

  1. thnk you for sharing you experience in the Icon Room. I haven’t had a chance to experience the quiet spaces yet, but I hope to do so this afternoon! Last year was a deeply moving and personal time with God and I know I will be blessed this year also!

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