“So, Who Took Care of Jesus?”

Our reading today comes from Matthew, chapter 14


Reading this chapter makes me sad.  Although a couple of Jesus’ greatest miracles are documented here, the thing that strikes my heart today, is how much the world expected of Him.  I have read Matthew several times, but I don’t think I realized until today that Jesus was grieving when these people crowded in on Him.  Twice He tried to leave and be alone, but people kept following Him.  

It seems that when He needed someone to minister to His needs, there was no one that cared to lay their own problems aside and be there for Him.  So He sought solitude.  He sought the comfort of the Father’s presence.  He was purely human.

Where do you go when you are overcome by grief or sadness?  Where do you go when you need someone to listen?  I fear that I am much like the people in this story.  Too concerned with my own needs to worry about taking care of others who are hurting.  But I don’t want to be that way.  I very much want to be a friend when people need it.  If anything, this story reminds me that everyone has problems, and everyone has hurts.  And I am called as a believer to care for my brother at all times.  


Dear Jesus,

Fill me with Your Spirit and compassion.  Even in Your grief, You still continued to minister.  But I know there are times when people just need to be loved.  Help me to not be so self-consumed.  Help me to be a lover of people.  Show me how to be a friend at all times.

In the name of the Healer I pray,


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