“The Warm Fuzzies of Self-Righteousness…”

Our reading today comes from Matthew, chapter 11:



Isn’t it funny how we have these pre-conceived ideas about Jesus?  I have a picture in my head, and an idea in my mind about how He connects with me.  I fear, that like these folks, that I many times miss Him, because He doesn’t come in the way I expect Him,  Sometimes He doesn’t answer my prayers in the way I want, so I assume He isn’t listening.  Instead of looking like a regular church member, he shows up on the side of the road, ragged and dirty, asking for help.  Instead of speaking words of compassion into my life, sometimes I get words of conviction.

I fear that it is these times, when His presence is the opposite of what I want, that I choose to ignore Him and pretend that I didn’t hear, see or discern what He was trying to say.  Just as marriage isn’t always moonlight and roses, I have learned that my friendship with my Savior isn’t always on a mountaintop beside peaceful streams.  I pray today, that I will come to accept Him in any way He wishes to reveal Himself – therein lies my path to blessedness.

Dearest Savior,

Please forgive me when I choose to walk past You.  Please forgive me for not being open to Your precious Holy Spirit each day.  Please help me to do better when witnessing Your work in this world, and responding to Your call.  Help me, Lord, to love all that You have to offer, and not just the warm fuzzies that lull me into a false sense of self-righteousness.  Create in me a humble and teachable spirit.

In Your precious name I pray,



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