“Even If You Haven’t Read Anything Else, Read THIS…”

Our reading today comes from Matthew 7:


Happy Friday Morning Friends,

I don’t know how many of you are reading along with us daily.  And that is perfectly fine if you are not.  But even if you haven’t read any of our other Matthew passages, please be sure to READ THIS ONE.  And I am not talking about my comments.  I ask you to read this chapter of Matthew.  Why?  Because it is so important.  It is the game changer for us all.  For me, this is the definitive teaching by Jesus on what He expects from our relationships with Him.  And I know we all want to get it right.  So please, open your Bible, or click on the link above and invest the 4 minutes that it will take to truly grasp what He is saying to us.

I have really wrestled with this chapter this morning.  It is so deep and relevant, I had a hard time embracing it all at once.  So I have spent some time down on the prayer trail behind our church.  I let His words wash over me and sink deep down into my soul.  And the message I received was profound.  

When all else is stripped away, (my service, my prayer time, my Bible study) do my daily actions lead people closer to Jesus or push them farther away?   It is pretty easy to be a disciple in a vacuum.  I can read, pray, sing, worship, write a blog…….  But as I go about my daily life, do my words and activities speak grace and love to those around me?  Do I practice the golden rule?  Do the people that don’t know Christ want to know more about Him because of their interaction with me?  Or are they more fortified in their choice that church is not for them?

Will Christ recognize me as one of His ambassadors on judgment day, or will my life be viewed as hollow religiosity?

I don’t believe it is a coincidence that this chapter appeared on our schedule on a Friday.  Jesus is good that way.  He knew that I would need several days to process this information.  I pray that you can find some time over the weekend to contemplate His message for you.  It has certainly been powerful for me.

Grace friends.

Dearest Savior,

I have a tendency to make my relationship with You complicated.  But thank You for reminding me that it is not.   It is all about a heart condition of grace being lived out in the world.  I want to be a tree that produces good fruit.  Fill me with Your Holy Spirit that I might live each day as a porch swing.  A presence so inviting, that people cannot resist spending time getting to know the source of my peace:  the holy Lamb of God.

In Christ’s name I pray,



One Comment on ““Even If You Haven’t Read Anything Else, Read THIS…”

  1. don’t stop sister I love what you are doing I feel that God is using you to help me grow in His spirit I that God for your Spirit. Dear Lord bless my Sister and her family. In the precocious name Of Jesus I pray Amen

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