We are reading today, Matthew chapter 4


This chapter was jam-packed with exciting views of the beginning of our Savior’s ministry.  I would love to hear what stood out to each of you, because I am sure we all have a different answer.

As I read, I was really affected by the depth of Christ’s humility.  First, Satan offered Him some wonderful things.  And from what I have read, Satan could actually deliver on his promises.  “Hey Jesus, want to rule the world?”  “No thanks.  I will just sit here and be hungry and satisfied.” Can you imagine after 40 days of fasting, probably learning a lot about what God was asking of Him, and He had to strength to turn down the riches of the world?

And then, He quickly became a rock star.  Not only were people following Him for miles around, but He was actually a HEALER!  I don’t know about you, but it would be really hard for me not be full of myself if I had that kind of awesome power.

Jesus could have honestly ruled the world in His day.  He had the knowledge and power to do so.  However, His humility and self-discipline would not allow Him to do so.  Instead, He did what He could to honor God while He was here.  And when it was time for Him to go, He willingly walked the road to calvary.  

Nothing He did on this earth was for Himself.  It was all for us.  Every last minute of it.  Now that is humility that I can only hope for.

Lord Jesus,

Oh to have your servant’s heart.  My king I fall so short, please cloak me in humility – that I may be more like You.  Strengthen me with Your Holy Spirit, that I may withstand temptation and the assaults of the enemy.  Help me to have the attitude of Christ – that I might be useful in Your kingdom.  Look upon me with forgiveness for my failures – that I might be renewed.

In Christ’s holy name I pray,


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