Good Morning Friends,

Today we are studying Matthew, chapter 2.



As I read this passage, only one word comes to mind: FEAR.  I don’t know much about King Herod.  I know that he was 1/2 Jewish, a magnificent builder, and a murderer of innocent children.

What would make someone command the slaughter of one child, much less hundreds?  Herod was ruler over Judea.  He was afraid of the prophesied Messiah.  He was afraid of what he might lose.  He was afraid of what this baby would mean for his future.  You would think, with his Jewish ancestry, that he would have truly rejoiced and chosen to worship Jesus.  But fear led him in another direction.

What about us?  We are the people of Christ, built to worship Him from the depths of our souls.  But so often we find ourselves in a “lukewarm” stage, not willing to give it all up for our Savior.  Why is it, brothers and sisters, do we not allow Him to be Lord of our entire lives – our relationships, our decisions, our money?  

What is it that we fear from Jesus?  What are we afraid to lose by completely surrendering to His will?  Our pride, our self-sufficiency, our own free will?  It is a scary thing to say, “Your will be done and not my own.”  But I have to believe that, in doing so, I will find exactly what the wise men did – a treasure beyond compare.  I believe that if I allow Jesus to have control of my life, then His presence will outshine anything else.  And I will be fulfilled beyond measure.

This is the time for the children of the living God to let go of our fear and live the lives He has intended for us.

Dearest Savior,

You are the pearl of great price.  You are the voice of wisdom and author of my salvation.  Please forgive me when my trust in You falls short.  Please forgive me when I reject You in order to hold on to the things of this world.  Renew my heart, O Lord.  Let Your Holy Spirit control my mind, and therefore, my attitudes and actions.  Lead me to a path of complete surrender to Your will.  And teach me what it means to be an authentic disciple.

In the name of the Rock I pray,


The opinions expressed here are my own and do not reflect those of the Liberty Crossings UMC staff or leadership.


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