“The Most Important Thing…”

“Be still, and know that I am God.”  – Psalm 46:10

Living into the stillness.

Finding my center.

Waiting for God in the silence.


My friends,

Grace to you in all its various forms.  I know that the past 24 hours have been hard and stressful for most of you.  Please don’t think me callous or uncaring when I speak of stillness.  I know that is a word that most of us do not want to hear right now.  If anything, we want to be moving, doing and getting on with normal activities.  My prayers are with those that are still stranded because of this storm, and I am asking God to come alone beside each of you and comfort you with His presence.

I am fortunate to be here at the Academy for Spiritual Formation.  I have spent the morning in silence, allowing God access to my heart and mind undivided.  I am thankful for the opportunity to do this because I experience stillness so little in my daily life.  These are truly holy moments for me, times in which I experience the presence of God most fully.

I am coming to the conclusion that, of all the things I can give to my children, the most important is to teach them well the ways of communing with God.  His presence is life-giving, healing, and powerful.  He forms the center of my existence, and in Him I can weather all things.  

It is my prayer that my priorities in raising my kids will always be focused on the eternal, and not the things of this world that will pass away.  May I model for them humility, prayer, and service – that they might find their own path to God and be strengthened in it.



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