“What Is The Church?…”

For all the things I want to teach my children, this is one of the most important:  The church is God loving people through others.  When asked this question, I hope my kids will be able to say more than “a building.”  There are good things we do inside that building, worship, Sunday School, prayer…  But the heart of the church is outside the building.  I am praying tonight for all those travelers stranded around Birmingham with no way home.  I am also praying for the safety of the four rescue teams from Liberty Crossings who are still out there, looking for people in the dark and transporting them to our “building” for shelter and warmth.  While it is very compelling to stay home, warm and comfortable, we have brothers and sisters being the church in the face of the elements.

May God bless their efforts and keep them safe.  May all those seeking shelter tonight in our “building” be touched by the grace of God and forever changed.  May my children witness these acts, and one day answer the question, “What is the church?” with a resounding, “Just people loving people…”

In the name of the Savior I pray,


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