“Don’t Worry About the Kids…”


When my oldest child was 1, I received some advice that I count among the best I have ever heard.  Although, it didn’t mean much to me at the time.  It shows my lack of parenting experience.

I was serving a church that I dearly loved, but I was discerning a call to Liberty Crossings.  To be honest, I wanted to stay right where I was.  But I took the matter to my pastor and asked her opinion.  This is what she said.

“I know you love it here, but you have to think about what is best for the baby now.  You live in that community and one day it will be very important to you that she is a part of a church family in the same place where she goes to school.”

It really didn’t make a lot of sense to me at that time.  But I trusted that my pastor had more wisdom than I, and we joined the LC the following week.

Today is the day (7 years later) that I reflect on that advice and am surely thankful that I listened.

It didn’t take long after having #2 that I realized that sometimes we can’t do everything for ourselves or these children.  In my ignorance, I used to think we could.  But life has proved me wrong.  Take this week for example.

Don and I were beset with parental health issues (we are sandwich people to the highest degree.)  We had Don’s dad in the hospital, and my mom visiting doctors (all at the same time) and guess what?  We ran out of time, energy, carpool resources, and brainspace.  Our parents’ need were immediate, but we still had these two little ones to care for.  

That is where the grace of a godly church family becomes a blessing.

“Don’t worry about the kids… we will pick them up at school”

“Don’t worry about basketball practice… we can give her a ride”

“Don’t worry about dinner…we will bring some by”

The offers to help are still coming today.  Concerned friends, that are willing to do anything we need, are continuing to email and call.  And the greatest part of that is we trust these people with our children.  We know their hearts, their minds, and their values.  In our absence, we know that our children are surrounded by people that share our faith and will love our kids.

How many people truly have that?  As a parent, I hope you all do.  This blessing comes from years of doing life together and engaging with each other at a deeper level than mere acquaintances.  I am thankful for all the adults in my children’s lives.  I am learning each day how important they are in their spiritual and social development.  And I ask God to continue to lead me in cultivating these types of enriching and supportive relationships for my kids.  Because I am learning that we can’t always provide everything they need on our own.


Gracious Lord,

Thank You for the other adults in my children’s lives.  Thank You for the teachers, coaches, church members and others that consider my kids their own responsibility in some way.  May You bless each one for their efforts.  May Your Holy Spirit inhabit these people and guide them in their dealings with all children.  May each one be a light for You and point the way to Your Son for all little eyes to see.

Thank You for blessing our family with the loving embrace of believing brothers and sisters.

In the name of Christ I pray,


2 Comments on ““Don’t Worry About the Kids…”

  1. Thank you Lana. Beautiful! Led me to thank many of the women in my life who have been a blessing to my family. I need to do that more often!

  2. Amen Lana! My family and I couldn’t have made it through my illness without the continued love and support from our Church family.

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