“Headin’ for the hills…”

Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” – John 13:35

Have you ever noticed how everyday life gets in the way of being a Christian?  My weekend has been living proof of that fact.

Friday afternoon began with my leading of my daughter’s Bible Club.  So there I was, feeling pretty good about myself, explaining to these eager little minds that being a true Christian meant, not only talking about the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22,) but also living them out.

 “You see girls, it’s not enough to talk about being kind and patient, and gentle, we have to behave that way too.”

Then I gave them some homework for the next time, write down in your journal some practical ways that we can love others.  What a wonderful lesson to begin teaching to these youngsters.

Saturday morning came and my daughter was up early working on her homework.  She already had 21 ways written down about how she could love other people.  The only problem was, she was screaming and punching her little brother because he kept interrupting her “work.”  He wanted to play, she wasn’t interested.  Again, another teachable moment.

 “Hope, don’t you see that actually loving and being patient with other people is more important than writing about it in a notebook?”

I went about my morning tasks because I had a plan.  I had several errands I wanted to run.  Nothing critical, but just things that would put my world a little more at peace.  My plan was to leave the house at noon, do my errands and meet my 3 beloveds for a movie at 2:30.  This was going to be such a peaceful and productive day.  I was happy.

But just as I began to leave, one child needed help with something.  “Ok sweetie, mom has time for that.”  10 minutes later, I was walking out the door.  “Mommy, I need some juice.”  “Sure thing, little angel.”  And one by one, the needs of my “beloveds” continued to pile on top of me.  No matter how hard I tried, I could not make it to the door without someone trying to stop me with an urgent need.

Finally at 1:10 I blew,

“I am done with you people.  Take care of yourself!”

as I slam the door behind me.  I got in my car, raced out of the driveway, and headed for the hills.  Being too late to do any of my planned errands, I didn’t care where I went.  I just had to get away from those whiney, time suckers.  They had ruined my peaceful, carefully planned day…

My God and My Lord,

Thank you for the precious gift of Your Holy Spirit.  Without Him, I would have no way of seeing the hypocrisy of my ways.  The truth is, I love to talk about being a Christian, but I have a long way to go before I actually begin living like one.  Forgive me when I absolutely fail at Your most basic commands.  I pray, that You would become a little bit louder, my King.  When I am in the midst of completely losing my focus on the most important things, please yell at me and turn me around.  Help me to see when my actions are not matching up with my words.  

In all my relationships, help me to be filled with and led by the Spirit.  Thank You for Your unending grace toward me, a sinner.

In the name of my Savior I pray,


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