“The power of Your right hand saves me…”

An update on Pastor Wade this morning,  I received a text from Julia last night saying that he was improving.  We will continue to send updates on him as we receive them.  Thank you all so much for your prayers, they really do mean a lot to Wade and to the rest of us.


As we continue our study of the Psalms this month, I encourage you to meditate on this scripture and ask yourself, “Am I truly experiencing the presence and the power of God in my life?”  I would love to hear your response.

Psalm 138

A psalm of David.

I give you thanks, O Lord, with all my heart;
    I will sing your praises before the gods.
I bow before your holy Temple as I worship.
    I praise your name for your unfailing love and faithfulness;
for your promises are backed
    by all the honor of your name.
As soon as I pray, you answer me;
    you encourage me by giving me strength.

Every king in all the earth will thank you, Lord,
    for all of them will hear your words.
Yes, they will sing about the Lord’s ways,
    for the glory of the Lord is very great.
Though the Lord is great, he cares for the humble,
    but he keeps his distance from the proud.

Though I am surrounded by troubles,
    you will protect me from the anger of my enemies.
You reach out your hand,
    and the power of your right hand saves me.
The Lord will work out his plans for my life—
    for your faithful love, O Lord, endures forever.
    Don’t abandon me, for you made me.

One Comment on ““The power of Your right hand saves me…”

  1. The family is coming together at the beach. We all pray for Wades recovery. The ocean cleans itself up beautifully…One day seaweed from a storm, the next back to pure blue-green. So does God’s Spirit wash over and through us…completely new in seconds. Hoping to live New for Jesus today. Renew us all and especially Wade Dearest Lord.

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