“Thanking Him, no matter what…”

“Rejoice always,  pray continually,  give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” – 1st Thessalonians 5:16-18


We are coming to the end of this month that began with a focus on intercessory prayer, those prayers we offer up for others.  So how did we do?  Were we able to maintain our focus on the needs of others for 30 days?  I hope you were blessed by your experiences.    

I would be very interested to hear about any experiences you have had.  Did you see God move?  Do you feel as though your efforts made a difference?  If not evident in the life of the person you were praying for, did God move in your life during this time?

What I have definitely learned during this time is that my prayer life is a work in progress.  I still have so much to learn and so far to go.  But I am encouraged to keep trying.

I am drawn to this scripture.  “Give thanks in all circumstances.”  So, whether God answered me, or not; whether He moved on my behalf, or not – I am to thank Him.  

As I ponder this, I am overcome with a profound sense of gratitude.  I realize that I may not have gotten what I asked for from God (yet.)  But I did receive something incredibly valuable in the process.  I was drawn deeper into His presence.  My soul was renewed.  I experienced His peace.  

This month has shown me just a glimmer of what my life could be if I maintained my connection with Him.  I, along with some of you, will be working on my 30-day challenge of uninterrupted prayer time.  I look forward to seeing what He is going to do in that time.

Be Blessed!


Holy Father,

You are my provision.  You provide everything I need.  I am learning to praise You, even in times when You don’t give me everything I want.  I don’t quite understand the way You work sometimes.  But I trust that Your plans for me are good.  And I will be at peace in all circumstances.  Thank You for Your unending patience with me.

In the name of the Lamb I pray,


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