“Think and let think…”

“Think and let think.” – John Wesley


Question for the day:  “Are we the kind of church that welcomes all people, regardless of how they differ from us?”



Why is it so hard sometimes to be accepting of people that are different from ourselves?  Specifically inside the church, why are we only comfortable with people that believe exactly as we do?  Are we not confident enough in our beliefs to walk away, unthreatened, when our views on faith are not shared by others?

One of the many reasons that I am drawn to Methodism, is that our founder encouraged free thought.  He believed free thinkers had a much better chance at becoming true disciples than other, more accepting, folks.  This week we are going to look at the elements of Wesley’s Quadrilateral, his “method” for interpreting and understanding his faith.  I believe you will find it enlightening.  I find it encouraging.  But most of all, it helps me to understand that my faith is my own, shaped by my experiences.  As well, the same is true for you.  Now there are some really big things we probably need to agree on in order to work well together inside our denomination.  But there are many other points that are just not that important.  The most important things are our love for Jesus and each other.  And that is all that really matters.


Heavenly Father,

May all praise and glory be Yours!  For You alone created this world and every person in it.  Lord, I don’t pretend to know all the answers; especially in matters of faith.  I know what I believe about You and Your son, Jesus.  Help me Lord, to be welcoming to those that don’t think exactly as I do.  As I encounter true seekers of You, please fill my heart with grace and a kinship for fellow believers.  Help me to see past minor differences, and to appreciate the heart and soul of my other brothers and sisters.

May Your Holy Spirit lead me to become a true member of the body, and a lover of others.

In Jesus’ name I pray,


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