“Get these 3 principles fixed in your heart…” Pt. 3

“Get these three principles fixed in your hearts: that upon your present choice depends your eternal lot.” – John Wesley


Question for the day:  “Am I conscious of the decisions I make on a daily basis and the effect they have on my soul?”



Grace and peace to you.  This is one of the harder issues I face with my faith in an ongoing manner.  My lack of spiritual maturity seems to emerge at the most inconvenient times; especially when I have a decision to make.  It always reminds me of how self-centered I am.  And I really don’t like looking in the mirror that often.  But through God’s grace, I hope to become more kingdom oriented in my thinking as time goes on.  As always, I am thankful for the prayers of friends like you to help discern God’s will for me.  Maybe if you aren’t too busy, you could lift one up for me as I continue to search for answers to these questions:

1.  Should I continue to chase after this career in ministry that I love, or should I devote more time to taking care of my family?

2.  Should I take that vacation I really want, or should I take a lesser one and give the extra money to missions?

3.  Should I forgive that person that hurt my feelings, or continue to hold a grudge because I have a “right to?”

Friends, do you struggle as I do, to make God-honoring choices in the everyday?  How do you stay focused on the larger kindgom issues in the midst of your wants and desires?  This is an opportunity for great growth for me and my relationship with God.  I welcome all the advice I can get.


Heavenly Father,

You are a gracious and giving God.  You give me more than I deserve.  Please forgive me when my self-centered heart gets in the way of the path You intend for me.  Teach me to seek your will in all decisions.  Please allow Your Holy Spirit to lead me in the first question, “Does this lead me closer to You, or further away?” in all decisions.  

Help me to see the bigger consequences of the choices I make and to be wise with the opportunities that present themselves to me.  Help me, in the end, to be a person worthy of Your greatest compliment, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

That is all I really want.  To be recognizable as one of Yours, both in this life and the next.

In Jesus’ name I pray,


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