“Get these 3 principles fixed in your hearts” Pt. 1

“Get these three principles fixed in your hearts: that things not seen are as certain as the things that are seen…” – John Wesley


Question for the day:  “How aware are we of the continual presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives?”

Gracious Lord,

I will praise You this morning, because I know You are with me.  Your presence never leaves me, although most of the time I am unaware of You.  Forgive me, my King, for letting the material things of this world take center stage in my attention and affection.  

Lord, You have sent Your precious Holy Spirit to lead me along the way.  Give me the “spiritual eyes” that I need to see Him clearly.  Give me a discernment, that I can feel His presence and recognize His voice.  As one of Your precious sheep, I ask that You help me to know You. 

As well, Good Shepherd, please help me to recognize the other voice; the voice of my enemy that comes to steal, kill and destroy.  He is real too and competing for my thoughts and attention. It is he that speaks through the material; and he is very loud.   When he enters my presence, give me the understanding to see it immediately and to stand firm against whatever path he is putting in front of me.

I love you my King.  Help me to love you more, and better, and deeper, and stronger each day.

In the name of Jesus Christ I pray,


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