“Earn all you can…”

“Earn all you can, give all you can, save all you can” – John Wesley

Question for the day:  “How well do we truly honor God with our resources?”

Gracious Lord,

Thank You for the opportunities that You have given me to improve my life.  You alone have provided a rich education, fruitful work environments, and unending resources for me to provide for my family.  I understand that all these resources actually belong to You.  And I pray today that You will forgive me for those times that I have let an attitude of greed overtake me.  I pray that You will forgive me for putting my extravagant “wants” before the true “needs” of others.  Mr. Wesley never said anything about spending all I can, but most often, that is where I find myself.

Teach me from this day forward, Lord, to be content with what I have.  Rid me of my consumer mindset, and help me to honor You first with everything I have been given.  Help me to remain committed to giving above my tithe, so that the needs of the world will be met.  Create in me a heart filled with generosity and a charitable spirit.  

And lead me to view money as You do: a powerful tool to be used in the advancement of the kingdom, and not my own comfort.

To You be all honor, glory and praise,


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