“…the gracious hand of God was on me.”

” I also said to the king, “If it please the king, let me have letters addressed to the governors of the province west of the Euphrates River, instructing them to let me travel safely through their territories on my way to Judah.  And please give me a letter addressed to Asaph, the manager of the king’s forest, instructing him to give me timber. I will need it to make beams for the gates of the Temple fortress, for the city walls, and for a house for myself.” And the king granted these requests, because the gracious hand of God was on me.” – Nehemiah 2:7-8


Question for the day:  Does God ever speak to you through circumstances or events?


I was watching an interview on the news today with a man who suffered complete destruction of his home in the super tornadoes of April 2011.  I was awestruck because he spoke of the wonderful opportunities God had provided him through this experience.  What an insightful perspective.  I fear that in his place, I would be focused on all I had lost, not what I had gained.

So many times in my life, I have been convinced that God was at work in the middle of my circumstances.  I have begun to rely on His presence more and more as I try to navigate the paths in front of me.  But  many times, things are not as clear cut as I would like for them to be.  In those times when I am confused or unsure  of what I should do, I have leaned on this prayer, trusting that He will bless me:

Heavenly Father,

I don’t know which way to go, or what path to take.  There are many different choices in front of me.  Please Lord, help me stay within Your divine will.  Close any doors that You do not want for me; and fling open those that will lead me into Your will and presence.  When the doors close my King, may they do so with a resounding thud, in that I might perceive the finality of it.  Make the path not only straight, but crystal clear.

In the name of the Good Shepherd I pray,


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