“…he could see everything clearly.”


“Then Jesus placed his hands on the man’s eyes again, and his eyes were opened. His sight was completely restored, and he could see everything clearly.” – Mark 8:25


Question for the day: Do you experience the presence of Christ through art?


I have shared some of my favorite art work using Christ as the centerpiece.  I know it is a little hard to get the full impact in this manner, however, all these pieces, for me, reveal a different facet to the nature of Christ.  The first time I saw each of these pieces, I had an emotional response, and walked away feeling as though I had encountered Him in a different way.

For example, the first piece is a Russian icon depicting the resurrection of Christ.  If you can see it, He is standing on the broken gates of the grave.  How powerful an image of His ability to rise, and to also bring us with him.  In this image, I see power, and majesty, and victory, and hope.  In the two contemporary pieces, I see compassion, and mercy and joy and forgiveness.  Also, powerful reminders of the gifts He has to offer me.

How I thank God for those gifted artists who are faithful to their calls.  Because of the passions of others, I am transformed in my relationship with Christ.

What about you?  Are there any images that speak directly to your heart that you would like to share with the rest of us?  Please feel welcomed to do so.

in_the_arms_of_his_love_large forgiven_large_1



Dearest Lord Jesus,

Praise to You my Savior, my Friend, and My Shepherd!  Thank You for revealing Your many facets to me.  Thank You for giving me eyes to see that You are a multi-dimensional God, one worthy of as much praise and thanksgiving as I can offer.  Thank You for being all things to me, dependent on my time of need.

Help me Lord, to know You better.  Help me to share Your nature with others, that their needs would be met as well.  Help me to experience Your presence every day of this life, in the midst of all my circumstances.  And Lord, regardless of the picture I have in my head, help me to recognize You, in whatever form You choose to take.

In Your Holy name I pray,


One Comment on ““…he could see everything clearly.”

  1. One of my closest friends mother has been sick and in the hospital in Jasper for several weeks. I stopped by to see her this weekend. Standing in the intensive care waiting room we recalled a story of a father who’s son had been injured in a freak accident and was having emergency surgery. The son was very young , around 8 or 9 and had to be resusitated at least once during surgery. As the surgery progressed to try to save the little boy the father turned towards a door for privacy and began to pray for God’s protection and His guidance for the surgeons who were performing the surgery. Eventually, the father closed the prayer and looked up to see the face of Jesus etched in the door where he had been praying. The little boy survived and did make a full recovery. Today the door with the face of Jesus is still there and it is the most beautiful artwork I’ve ever seen. Whether the face of Jesus had always been present in the door and never noticed, or this father pouring out his heart to God brought about the image, it was the miracle and answer the father prayed for. The next time I am in Jasper I am going to take a picture to share with my friends. God is listening and he will answer your prayers. His love is eternal!

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