“Do you not perceive it?”

“See, I am doing a new thing!
    Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?” – Isaiah 43:19


Question for the day:  “How good are we at seeing the work of God when He approaches us in “a new way?”


Here I am at my final full day of the Academy of Spiritual Formation.  What an amazing and Spirit-filled week it has been.  God has been so very present.  Thanks be to God.

But, I confess, I could have missed it all.  I shudder to think what all I would have missed if I had not listened to God before my arrival.

On my way here on Monday, I was running late, but so very much anticipating my time here and the familiar structure of the experience.  You see here at the Academy, every day’s schedule is the same.  It is designed to created a rhythm conducive to prayer and rest.  I really have learned to appreciate it.

But God had other plans.  Driving down the road, I have a very strong urge to stop and buy art supplies.  This is so far outside my nature – I won’t even go into it.  But I did it.  I took precious time and stopped at Michaels to buy colored pencils, art pads, and other supplies.  I didn’t know why, but I could not step onto campus without them.

How glad I am that I did.  Over the last week, I have filled those pages with pictures and images that the Holy Spirit has given me.  He has spoken volumes to me in a way that I have NEVER experienced before.  Praise be to God.

Now, my pictures are not masterpieces, as I can only draw stick figures.  But they are treasures to me.  A very tangible reminder of this wonderful revelation of the Spirit.

My great sadness is, that if that message to “buy art supplies” had come during my normal life’s schedule, I would have disregarded it, if I heard it at all.  Because I am normally so “busy,” and this is not a part of my normal “God experience,” I most likely wouldn’t have recognized it.  Thanks be to God for His relentless pursuit of me.

Gracious Father,

Thank You for continuing to reveal Yourself to me in beautiful and miraculous ways.  Forgive me when I put You in a box.  Forgive me when I limit You to fit my small view of You.  Please, Lord, do not leave me.  Please continue to reveal Yourself to me in all Your fullness.  And Lord, lead me to have an open heart, mind, ears, and eyes – that I might see You in all things.

In the name of Jesus I pray,



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