“I will pour out my Spirit on all people…”

“And afterward,
    I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
    your old men will dream dreams,
    your young men will see visions.”  – Joel 2:28


Question for the day:  Does God speak to you in dreams or visions?


Hello Friends,

As we continue this conversation regarding the ways that God speaks to us, I just have to share an experience I had last night.  God is good!

He came to me in a dream and showed me a critical truth about my ministry.  I woke up and wrote it down, because I knew it was Him, and I knew that I did not need to forget what He said.

I know for many of us, the thought of God speaking this way to us individually is a little disconcerting.  And it sounds a little “out there” not to mention kind of crazy.  It is ok – I have been called all those things 🙂

However, God is very clear in scripture that He will continue to speak to us in this manner.  I believe that most of us pass off these events as (again) crazy dreams, and think nothing of them.  But I have found that when I pray over them and write them down, many times God has truly spoken, and in a way that I can understand.

I encourage you to embrace this means of communication if God is choosing to connect with you in this way.  I urge you, do not fear something clearly of God simply because it is different from your traditional experience.  If we are truly open to Him, we can all be incredibly blessed by His presence.

How Am I Sure It Was God?

I am sure everyone’s experiences are different.  But for me, there are certain “cues” that give me assurance that I am experiencing the Divine presence:

1.  The Imagery Makes Sense – I have dreams all the time with strange images and such.  I have no idea what they mean.  But I know it is God when I can see the images clearly and I know exactly what He is saying through them.  His message is unmistakeable.

2.  The environment is brilliant – The colors, sounds, smells are clear and indescribable in their clarity.

3.  A Trusted Advisor – There is always a trusted friend in the midst, speaking truth with great clarity.  These friends differ from each experience, but it is always someone I know well to be a true disciple.

4.  My Response – My emotional and physical responses are deeply engaged.  I not only know what I am doing in response to this engagement, but I also am keenly aware of my emotions and my thoughts that are unspoken in the dialog.


Generally my dreams are a mixed-up mess of all kinds of things that don’t make any sense.  But when God speaks, I wake up with a clarity and strong sense of purposeful response.

I just realized that I have overused the word, “clarity” in this dialog.  Please forgive me.  But it is truly the only way that I can describe these magnificent encounters.

How about anyone else?  Do we have anyone in our group with these types of experiences that would like to share?  I would personally love to hear your stories.


Heavenly Father,

Blessed be the One who comes in the name of the Lord!  And You come in such magnificent ways.  I thank You Lord, for always speaking in ways that I can understand.  I thank You for pouring out Your precious Holy Spirit on Your church, and for being faithful to lead us in such clear ways.

Help me Father, to be aware when Your Spirit is at work around me.  Give me ears to hear, and eyes to see the path You have in front of me.  Please continue to bless me with Your sustaining presence, and help me be an encourager to others.

May Your Spirit dwell richly within us today, and may You be glorified in Your church.

In Jesus’ name,




5 Comments on ““I will pour out my Spirit on all people…”

  1. I haven’t heard a message in a dream, as far as I can remember. When God speaks to me, it is often repeated numerous times, in lots of different ways, with almost a heavenly highlighter showing it so it cannot be easily missed. Other times it is in a voice that I hear in my heart…

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  2. lana, what a wonderful way to experience God! i can’t say ive had that vivid of a dream with clear message, but i have experienced dreams that underscore what messages He is sending me in multiple places simultaneously within a short time period… such as susan described above with that heavenly highlighter 🙂 many, many times i hear His answers that way and sometimes, quite out of the blue but always based in prayerful communion with Him, i hear His voice kind of in my heart and mind at the same time- usually in one word answers and often in visions. when it is a word or phrase i hear, it seems very audible to me, though i doubt anyone else would hear it unless He meant them to. several times these visions have been specifically who i need to help in some way, and i am always so humbled that He would ask me to be His hands and feet. sometimes i hear Him whisper to me, even of complete strangers that i need to be covering in prayer and often it is very specific. and always, when i hear His voice i am awed by such deep and total love– He causes me to truly feel love for someone i might never have met in my whole life, but it is real and present. i literallly feel on “high” when ive heard His voice a few times in a week- because it is always very, very personal communication and specific and i feel just a tiny ounce of the power of His majesty- and i feel the need to drop to my knees and pray or just sing His praises out to the world! the best way i know how to describe my experiences is to say that it feels like i am merely “open” and His great and perfect love flows thru me, causing me to sense the need of another here on earth, allowing me to pray and love them deeply, and then that great and perfect love then channels back toward Himself, leaving me breathless…

    (now how is that for stepping out there and getting real?! didn’t want u to be the only strange pea in the pod! 🙂 )

  3. God speaks to me through dreams and I know it’s Him bc I feel His tangible presence in my dream! God is moving in my life! I thank God for the incredible ways he speaks to me!

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