A True Story…

“Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight…”  – Hebrews 4:13


Question for today:  “Has God ever hounded you relentlessly over an issue until you gave in?”


Because I am slow to pay attention, and even slower to respond, many times God comes at me from a variety of ways in order to get His point across.  That happened to me this week, and it is so humorous I will share it.

1.  Last night, a good friend posted an article on Facebook on the evils of drinking soft drinks – primarily the damage that the acid does to your body.  I already knew it, and believed it – but didn’t care because of my overwhelming addiction to diet Dr. Pepper.

After reading the post, I thought to myself, “I really should get away from those things.”  But then I thought better of it and had one with dinner.

2.  I woke up at 2:30 a.m. with a burning pain that I could only attribute to  some exploding organ inside my body.  I was convinced that I needed to go to the hospital, but then I heard a voice.  It said, “You really should get away from those Diet Dr. Peppers.  There is too much acid in them.”  So I ate 3 tums and went back to sleep.

3.  I headed out the door this morning (completely forgetting my discomfort from the night before) with my usual 24 oz. Dr. Pepper in my hand.  While driving down the road, I took one sip and got immediately sick.  My only thought then was, “What is wrong with my Dr. Pepper??”

4.  9:00 a.m.  I went to get my hair done.  When I asked my hairdresser why the chemicals weren’t working correctly on my hair as they usually do, she responded, ” How many of those Dr. Peppers do you normally drink a day?”

Can anyone guess what she said to me??

“You really need to get away from those things.  The acid in them definitely affects how your hair and skin respond to products.”

OK GOD.  I GET IT.  No more soft drinks!  Now if You would in Your infinite grace, please kindly tell me what I am supposed to do for my daily caffeine fix.


Sweet Father in Heaven,

Thank You so much for taking care of me, especially when I don’t do so myself.  Thank you for speaking in ways that I can understand, over, and over, and over again.  Please forgive me for my complete unawareness, and bless me with a spiritual sense to hear Your beautiful voice the first time You have something to say to me.

In the name of my Savior I pray,




One Comment on “A True Story…

  1. If only God’s small nudges would get our attention on a more regular basis, we would suffer a lot less and be aware of God’s presence more. It is amazing to me just how much God loves us and wants the very best for us! Pray in there sister. And thank you for the laughs today.

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